b. 1986, HK.

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Art Director


Matthew and Abigail met at a party where the only thing they had in common was Abigail’s ex-boyfriend, but lets not get into that… 

The day Matthew learned how to swim he almost drowned and the day he learned how to ride a bike he crashed into the side of a moving car. Thank god he can write. 

Abigail is one to watch out for too, figuratively and literally, when she was in primary school someone had to hold her hand at all times on the playground as her eyepatch meant she couldn’t see. 

The two of them are united by traumatic childhoods and a burning desire to execute amazing creative ideas. 

Matthew is a member of the D&AD New Blood Shift Programme 2017, and has been on placement at AKQA & Nike, he's also interned at AMV BBDO. Abigail is a First Class honours graduate and has interned at Saatchi & Saatchi and MBA.